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Book Trailer—55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic

Finding your AUTHENTIC VOICE” is the theme and take-away of 55 Reflections. The eclectic blend of insightful spiritual reflections, experienced-based bipolar memoir, embellished with thoughtful, descriptive poetry—along with dozens of other interesting readings—offers the reader the opportunity to experience a true “Authentic Voice” in the making.

This mosaic of topics and genres expresses the author’s genuine thoughts and feelings about Scripture, mental health and self-improvement topics—featuring readings on: dealing with anger issues, humility, segregation, issues of race relations, and a positive philosophy of “No Hurries—No Worries,” to name a few. Written in a smooth, conversational style, Melcher’s insights and information are easily understandable and captivating. Discovering your Authentic Voice may just be one of the most enriching finds you will experience in years. And 55 Reflections may just be your entry way into a new world of self-discovery and long-term personal growth and enlightenment.



55 Reflections of a Searching SKEPTIC

55 Reflections of a Searching SKEPTIC